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Need Video Production?
Check it off your list.

Image by Diego PH

Marketing & Public Relations News

We produce promotional video projects designed to create buzz around your company with distribution on the web or news media outlets. Projects include Video News Releases (VNR), Satellite Media Tours (SMT), Sizzle Reels & Promotional B-roll shoots.

Image by Libby Penner

Live Stream & Aerial Drone                    

Single or multi-camera live event video production designed for web streaming or broadcast. Stream to your preferred platform, and bring in remote guests.

Checkbox can provide 4k aerial drone photography and videography for residential and construction sites. 

Image by Campaign Creators

Media Consulting for your team

Our team has decades of experience in digital media. We will help turn your internal team into video marketing masters through an on-site video production learning experience.

Image by Sam McGhee

Convention Video Production

Document and produce videos from your company's convention including PR, marketing, SMT and social media video posts. 


Checkbox producers have over 20 years experience creating convention video productions.

Image by camilo jimenez

Advertising & Social Media

Script-to-screen television or web commercial advertising developed by our award-winning producers. Bring us a concept or have us develop it. 

We also produce viral social media video marketing campaigns and testimonial videos for outlets like Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. 

Image by Fringer Cat

Broadcast Television     

Produce specials and episodic television production specifically for broadcast distribution, including documentary.

CEO Joe Dorsey produced the National Daytime Emmy Nominated Travel Thru History Television series. 

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